Rauch Manufacturing Incorporate - Oil Drilling, Oil Rig Spinners, Oil Rig Parts, Off Shore Oil Rig Spinners

We specialize in building hydraulic and pneumatic operated pipe spinning wrenches to be used in drilling and pump servicing equipment applications.

Customer Reviews

"Our Rauch Spinner has made it so much easier than the way we used to do it."
Mark Esfeld
Clarke Well & Equipment

"With 3 of us on site and our Rauch Spinner we can do an 8 hour job in 3 hours." 
Lloyd Ingram
Ingram Well & Pump

"We can do the job in half the time."
Scott Blakeley
Pronghorn Pump

"This tool has been a game changer!"
Chance Coats
Coats Pump and Supply Company

New Mexico

Click on the links below to see a video of the Rauch Spinner in action!

Model 41B
Hydraulic / Air

Model 512B
Hydraulic / Air



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